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Special moments happen organically and you have to be ready to capture them. Whether it's a hidden smile or a subtle yet powerful piece of narrative, being attentive to your surroundings allows you to film real life in perfect harmony. Every move, action, reaction is captured, cut and calculated into a cohesive story. We produce films with heart in a compelling way.

What We Do


Get To Know Us

Paul W. Los

Owner/Operator + Storyteller

With a strong foundation in filmmaking and an innate passion for storytelling, Paul has traveled the globe in search of unique and compelling imagery. 


Paul began his career with the Emmy Award winning production company Stillmotion. There, he was consistently encouraged to be a stronger storyteller – adding philosophy and grace into each piece. He has collaborated on projects featuring NFL Network, Apple, CBS Sports, Showtime, Canon and AT&T.


The culmination of his experience with the Stillmotion team was being one of the camera operators for the feature length documentary “A Game of Honor”.

Nora Burns

Producer + Filmmaker

Nora has always been intrigued by the surroundings and stories of everyday life, which lead her to study Broadcast Television.


She began her career at, an online T.V. | Radio channel as a Technical Director. Following NSS she worked at the creative studio Brough To You By, where she was given the opportunity to grow her storytelling abilities and collaborated on projects featuring Etsy Canada, MTV, Corona, Canadian Tire and Monocle Magazine.


Recently, Nora has been expanding her trade within feature films and creative writing.

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